SpiritPure | Session

SpiritPure | Session

Are you feeling stressed, disconnected and not yourself lately?


Unable to accept yourself for the unique individual you are?

Whether you’re in a relationship or are single, we’ve all been here and know how it feels. Too often we put others needs in front of our own not making time for the most important person in your life, we’re talking about you! Isn’t it time to make space for yourself and realize who you really are?


With our SpiritPURE sessions you can start to overcome your fears of being hurt again and start living the life you were meant to lead. These introductory sessions are designed to help you focus on your own needs and give you the confidence to put yourself first once again. By doing so you start to feel calmer, more self-assured and positive as you open yourself up to the power of self-love.


All you need to do is take a seat and let our SpiritPURE session take you into the depths of your Spirit! With this motivational healing session, we can start to appreciate your unique and distinctive qualities as a human and spiritual being. And we do this by clearing and eliminating any negative attitudes towards yourself and others on the level of the soul! Remember, as you shift and grow so do your sessions. And what a great place to start your healing journey other than with our SpiritPURE session. Did your feed your Spirit today?


Session Length: 60 minutes


Helping you:

  • Find real and lasting happiness
  • Recognize your true soul
  • Appreciate your true worth and potential
  • Regain your self-belief and start loving yourself


Are you ready to have a PURE connection with your very own Spirit?


    60 minutes


    Reiki Healing Therapy + Past Life Therapy Practice Approaches
    2 sessions in 1 package

    With a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner and Certified Past Life Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher! #qualified


    Book your session online or email us at hello@spiritlicious.com and we'll get you a spot on this fantastic session! Looking forward to working with you in creating your dreams!


    1 session per person 
    Discounts are not able to be combined with other promotional offers 
    Only valid for first time customers 

    Book Today! Limited spots available to offer our full attention to you with a single practitioner. 

C$240.00 Regular Price
C$67.00Sale Price

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