MindBend | Session

MindBend | Session

Do you find it difficult to calm and relax your mind?

Are you ready to take control of those negative thoughts?

We all know the world can be a hectic and busy place full of noise and constantly on the go. It may seem that sometimes it’s impossible to find a peaceful corner away from it all, especially inside your own head. Unwanted thoughts are stressful enough, and especially when they pop into your mind randomly. This can have effects on the way you see yourself and others and can stop you from achieving your dreams!


Our MindBEND session is designed to help you deal with all that unwanted noise by eliminating negative and uninvited thoughts. This introductory session to healing and therapy guides your mind to start to clear those pesky negative thoughts and mind chatter. As your mind clears, you’ll be able to start to think with more clarity and peace during times when you need to be doing so.


All you need to do is sit back with this MindBEND session as we work through giving you the tools and power to break free from self-defeating thoughts and start experiencing positive, proactive thoughts once again. Remember, as you shift and grow so do your sessions. And what a great place to start your healing journey other than with our MindBend session. Did you feed your mind today?


Session Length: 60 minutes


Helping you:

  • Regain control over your thoughts
  • Calm your thinking mind
  • Enjoy clear positive thoughts
  • Have mindful peace and quiet once again


Are you ready to BEND your Mind into greater peace and calm?


    60 minutes


    Psychotherapy + Hypnotherapy Practice Approaches
    2 sessions in 1 package

    With a Registerd Psychotherapist and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist! #qualified


    Book your session online or email us at hello@spiritlicious.com and we'll get you a spot on this fantastic session! Looking forward to working with you in creating your dreams!


    1 session per person 
    Discounts are not able to be combined with other promotional offers 
    Only valid for first time customers 

    Book Today! Limited spots available to offer our full attention to you with a single practitioner. 

C$240.00 Regular Price
C$67.00Sale Price

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