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Updated: May 29


There are numerous types of regression techniques used in therapy and hypnosis to help facilitate inner freedom from heavy debilitating emotional experiences. By identifying the profound, and complex ways our experiences impact our current lives and personality we are able to uncover a deep inner peace and freedom within ourselves. This rapid and dramatically effective approach retrieve and release significant memories from various stages in a person's life. And can be trusted to be non-directive and non-dogmatic, unique to each clients beliefs and worldly views. You do not have to believe in reincarnation or karma to experience this modality.

This technique can be highly effective when individuals experience one or more of the following:

  • Fears and/or phobias that does not point clearly to your current life

  • Chronic physical ailments that doctors can't seem to resolve

  • Enduring conflict with close family members

  • General relationship and intimacy issues

  • Difficulty having children

  • Feelings of guilt , shame, depression, anxiety that have no explanation

Of the various techniques these can be grouped into 3 categories. Starting with clinical regression techniques which cover age regressions, and in utero regression modalities. The next category is spiritual regression techniques which cover the popular past life regression, and in-between-lives regressions. Lastly, is a unique modality that is considered a progression and which is the future lives progression technique. Below you will find a breakdown of each of these techniques with further descriptions.


Age Regression:

Is a traditional regression used in therapy which includes recovering and healing memories and feelings from significant events that occurred over the course of a persons life. Also known as inner child work, it is one of the most common types of traditional age regression techniques used today. It is a very powerful tool that can be used for many of the following;

  • Heal childhood trauma

  • Release fears and phobias

  • Eliminate bad habits

  • Reclaim your authentic power

  • Connect with good feelings and memories of the past

  • Discover unconscious blocks to healing

  • And many more ... 

In Utero Regression: 

This modality is another traditional regression used in therapy and takes the client back to various stages of in utero, from that very special time in the mother's womb to before birth experiences and after conception. Here, the client reviews patterns that may have been created at this time and could have been set in the mind, body, or nervous system. How was your mother feeling when she was pregnant with you? What was happening around you while in the womb? Are a couple sample questions explored. 

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Past Life Regression: 

Here we explore the significant scenes, feelings, and events from previous lifetimes. It is considered that past lives have an impact on a person's ability to express emotion and interact with other people –– while an individual may not recall the details of the event from their past life this therapy can be beneficial because it can help a person return back to the memory in order to understand the impact leading to insight and nearly instantaneous healing –– in just one session! The desired outcome remains the same as traditional regressions in that the client is bringing conscious awareness to significant events from prior lives to find healing and balance as a result of learning the past life lessons. 

When this happens, we free ourselves from hardships and possible suffering. You do not need to believe in reincarnation or karma to experience this modality. It can be trusted to be non-denominal and non-directive. 

In-Between-Lives Regression: 

This fantastic modality is a journey to the time after death and before birth, expanding consciousness beyond the mental body. This is often integrated within the past life regression as you explore multiple lifetimes. Here you can meet your guides, loved ones, spiritual council and more. Topics explored cover your life purpose, discovery of karmic lessons  and soul growth activation. Often times there is an over lap with this modality and the traditional in utero regression as this is where the subconscious and superconscious link accessing another level of soul memories only available at this stage consciousness. 

  • Heal trauma

  • Release fears and phobias

  • Eliminate bad habits

  • Discover your purpose on Earth and in your current life

  • Why we choose certain bodies and certain lives

  • Discover soul contracts, agreements, promises, and vows 

  • Where souls go after death

  • Ways spirits connect with and comfort the living

  • Spirit guides and spirit council

  • Soulmates and how to recognize them

  • Connect to soul groups

  • Discover the link between your human families and soul group

  • Soul travel between lives

  • And so much more


Future Life Progression: 

Similar to how past life regression informs you and brings to conscious attitudes or behavious that require healing from your past life, this technique takes you forward in time to a place where you can explore the possibilities that extend from your own current life creation and examine the different paths of that event. This can provide clarity to big life choices happening now where you can learn what is working and what is not for your future benefit. This is another powerful tool for personal development and growth which works well in various aspects of your life. For instance;

  • What will a major decision look like (i.e. marriage, buying a home etc.)

  • See what your future career will look like

  • Or what will the next 5 to 10 years will look like

  • Where your current path will lead and your best possible future

  • Best Financial Future

  • Your Next Incarnation/Life

  • Future Life with Lost loved ones (including pets)

  • Meeting Your Future Partner

  • Connecting to your Higher Self to understand your Soul Plan

  • And so much more


For additional information on what type of techniques are available in exploring this amazing work, please feel free to check out the Past & Future Life Therapy section where you will find further explanation on these powerful modalities.

Book your session with our Past Life Therapist today! Trained by the one and only Psychiatrist, Dr. Brain Weiss, and author of Many Lives Many Masters, the pioneer of Past Life Therapy! Not sure where to start? An intake session is a great place to begin. We can also connect on a 30 minute discovery call to figure out your wellness goals. Get in touch.

Thank you for reading, I hope you found this insightful and enjoyed it!

Blessings, love, light, and ice-cream,


Feed your Spirit – lish your life!

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