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"Match the frequency of the reality you want you cannot help but get that reality. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”
- Albert Einstein


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  • Do you have chronic physical ailments that the doctors can't seem to resolve?

  • Are you feeling a bit down and anxious lately?

  • Are you battling with depression, guilt, or anxiety that doesn't point clearly to current issues? 

  • Are you looking for deeper spiritual meaning and purpose in your life?


Whatever your needs may be ...

I am here to support you every step of the way! - TIhana, Founder & Director of Spiritlicious

Here are some things we might run into that Reiki & Chakra Healing Therapy can support in making positive life-altering changes;

Relieve emotional stress – Heal Trauma – Discover unconscious blocks to healing – Chronic physical ailments – Anxiety – Depression – Headaches ­– Insomnia ­– Concentration – Confidence – Difficulty having children – Manifesting the best possible you – Attracting Abundance – Connect with your spirit guides – Connecting with your soul mate – Develop emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being  – Deep relaxation


With personalized attention for all your needs, below you will find three distinct approaches to Reiki & Chakra Healing Therapy that will get you back on track to living the life of your dreams!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Let's connect on a 30 minute discovery call to figure out your wellness goals today!


Traditional Reiki Healing Therapy

Reiki Healing

In these sessions, we will work with traditional Reiki energetic modalities to restore, refresh and re-balance your energy to its optimal levels. Find your zen with a restorative energetic reset and experience relaxation at its finest.

Spiritual Chakra Healing Therapy

Chakra Cleansing
& Clearing

Feeling a bit down and stressed out lately? It might be time to check in with your energetic health. These sessions are designed to clear the gunk in your chakra energy bodies whether it be unwanted energy from work, family, or from the city.

Metaphysical Healing Therapy

Deep Emotional &
Spiritual Healing

These sessions combine chakra and reiki modalities while working with higher consciousness to help clear emotional blocks, physical pains, past life karma, disease and ailments. Energetic hygiene and protection are also discussed. Please inquire for details.


Want to take your healing to the next level?

Check out Nutrition Therapy

It's a great compliment to any Reiki & Chakra Healing Therapy session and can be combined into your session for accelerated results! 


Are You Ready To Awaken?

Special 3 in 1 Session

Mind, Body, Spirit Approach

And it doesn't end here! See how we can combine Reiki & Chakra Healing Therapy with any 2 professional practices to create a 3 in 1 combo-approach. You get 1 registered practitioner and 3 professional services rolled into 1! Now that's a powerful mind, body, spirit approach to your healing journey! Book your session with our Certified Reiki Master Practitioner today! Sessions last up to 2 hours in length for $240. Please inquire for details.



  • Reiki Healing

  • Reiki Crystal Healing

  • Karuna Ki Reiki*

  • Lemurian Light* 

  • Atlantians Light


  • ​Chakra Cleansing

  • Chakra Release

  • Aura Cleansing

  • Aura Hygiene and Boundaries

  • Soul Release

  • Angelic Healing* 

    * Coming Soon | Fall 2020


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