"I believe in the person you are becoming."

- Tihana RPQ, HT, CNP


My Story

Personalized Attention to All Your Needs

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to pursue a career path that would make a difference in people’s lives. I truly care for all of my clients and am committed to your well-being – going above and beyond to help you through all your life’s challenges.

My passion is to create an inclusive space for individuals where healing, therapy, nutrition, and spirituality (of all shapes and forms) is accessible to all who need it, not just in times of crisis but when we are also seeking a deeper connection within ourselves and others.

I am so very excited to be sharing with you these powerful tools of deep healing, nourishing nutrition, evidenced-based therapy, and eastern spiritual wisdom that I personally live and breathe in my everyday life!

Integrating Both The Human Self With The Spiritual Self. 


With post graduate qualifications in psychotherapy I am a registered psychotherapist and member of CRPO, Ontario’s governing body for psychotherapy. I am also certified as a nutritional practitioner, trained clinical hypnotherapist for individuals and groups, certified mindfulness and meditation teacher, trained by the one and only psychiatrist and author of Many Lives Many Masters Dr. Brian Weiss, and a reiki master practitioner. My professional and gifted experiences are combined in such a way that allows me and you to get into the psychology of your Spirit where we can begin to unlock and find deep everlasting healing, and peace. 

Tihana Deanovic RPQ, HT, CNP


My philosophy works with a holistic view of the individual addressing each person as a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual person. We help you find your fullest potential through healing, embracing, and integrating both your human self and spiritual self.

“I Walk With You Along The Same Path To Healing And Inner Transformation.” - Tihana

How we do this is through perspective shifts with truth and self-honesty, by connecting the mind-body-spirit, by removing limiting beliefs, abolishing those fear based self-destructive behaviours, and by promoting a life-style of self-understanding, unwavering inner peace, deep joy, and happiness that ultimately lead you to our own personal transformation!

Healing is a process of growth and self-discovery and in our sessions, I promote behavioural transformation through various Western evidenced-based therapy practices to Eastern spiritual energetic techniques and authentic soul searching that enable a person to "recode" the way their mind, body, and Spirit responds to situations. Influencing old and undesirable brain behaviours by reprogramming them with new attitudes and better responses.

The ultimate goal is to guide you through your healing process by deepening your connection to your inner wisdom every step of the way. You will find a fully integrated experience that really digs deep into the mind-body-spirit connection, this is the whole you approach all made available with 1 practitioner! 

Deep Inner Work & Quality Care For A Happier, Healthier You!

The intention here is to inspire, engage and reopen the discussion of self-healing that refreshes and reinvigorates our relationship with our mind, with our body, and with our spirit. I am here to support you ever step of the way and look forward to working with you. 

Feed your Spirit – Lish your life!

Tihana RP(Q), HT, CNP


"With so many individuals now embarking on spiritual journeys we greatly need to honour the human spirit."

Tihana (RPQ), HT, CNP


What does LISH mean?

Finding Your Path to Lish

Take a moment, for a second and think back to a time where you really enjoyed something, like, really! A song perhaps, when you listened to it would transport you to another dimension. A smile from your child, that would fill you with so much joy and love you never thought could exist. A favourite dish, that you had to catch your breath it was that tasty! Lish means all the things that sets your Spirt on fire!

LISH means Love. 

LISH means Loyalty. 

LISH means Laughter. 

LISH means Life. 

So be fearless in your pursuit of what sets your spirit on fire! 

Are you ready to awaken? 

Calm Sea

From Me to You

A Simple Promise

It is essential to keep in mind that therapy or energetic healing is not a magic pill or a quick fix: it is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the client and caretaker alike. In the end, making small changes can bring life-altering results. Every step is determined by your willingness to grow and allow for change to take place within you.

During our sessions, if you have any questions, or comments I ask that you be willing to acknowledge and declare your thoughts and feelings openly and honestly where we can collaboratively work towards your personalized goals.

Sincerely, Tihana



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